Bahnhofsstrasse Zürich

Bahnhofplatz - Bahnhofstrasse - Paradeplatz - Bürkliplatz - Bellevue - Opern......

We will start at the main train station, Zürich Hauptbahnhof. We slender beneath the lindentrees, along the famous Bahnhof-strasse towards the lake where your eyes will pass over the blue water surface. By clear visibility you will enjoy a view to the magnificent snow-covered Alpine-Panorama. We will walk across the Quai-Bridge, a short stopp, one of the best fotoshooting-points of the Old Town is beeing reached. Finally, we will arrive at the busy Bellevueplatz. We will see the recently restored oldfashioned coffee-house "Felix" and some of the restaurants with great fame ... Bellevueplatz is also the intersection of the white and blue tramways. Zürich's inhabitants adore theire trams and are using them so often like no other people in the world. The tour will end at the Sächsilüüteplatz in front of the Opera.

Adorable Old Town - the Charm of the Hidden Places

  • Hirschenplatz - Münstergasse - Zwingliplatz - Grossmünster - Kirchgasse ....
  • Through the Münstergasse we are passing along the traditional grozery-store and coffee-house of "Schwarzenbach". We cross Zwingliplatz and reach the "Grossmünster", the mainchurch of the Canton Zuerich. The Grossmünster is flanked by two tall towers and is one of the towns landmarks... Neustadt-, Schlosser-, Franken- and Trittligasse are the names of four narrow alleys, each one with it's own charming atmosphere. Here we are in one of the best preserved medieval districts of the Old Town. The Oberdorf district with it's different fountains and sounds of babbeling and murmuring water, is a relaxing place.You might even enjoy a touch of contemplativeness and - may be -you will hear some whisperings in the air about to "the good Old days" of Zurich....... Welcome to a guided City-Walk or a pleasant City-Stroll.

"Grüezi Mitenand" in Zürich !

We shall welcome you heartely with the greeting of the Zurichers:"Grüezi Mitenand" !

To be able to maintain an outmost high quality of our strolls and walks, we do not accept more than 18 participants otherwise a second guide is required.The Topic-Tours will inform you more detailed about Zürich's past and present. Some of our collegues are also trained to guide disabled guests. Please ask for further information.

Spezielle Führungen

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