Who was Zwingli? Where used to live the froggs in luxury? Where is the most important mountain, called Top of Zurich? Where are the many golden ingots hidden?

Together we shall discover our hometown. You will get impressions and informations of the past like the present.

You would like to visit Zurich? Think zuerich-guides!

  • A guided City-stroll of the Old Town includes visits to the most charming places and sights, including the main attractions.
    The stroll in the Old Town passes along houses full of nooks and crannies, across cobbled stones in twisty and windy lanes, discovers secret courtyards. Underneath oriels of passed times - you will hear stories, history and anecdotes narrated like true-to-life. You might even imagine the burgers and inhabitants who once lived, loved, died and rouled in this town. You will hear facts from the passed as well as from the present of Zurich's 2000 years history.
  • " You will decide wether you would like to discover and enjoy a guided tour of Zurich on foot or by bus.
  • Please note: It is strictly forbidden to pass through our pedestrians area of the Old Town by bus. Our guides are well informed about parking lots for buses in the special designated stops, close to the pedestrians areas.

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